For whom?

Price & Place was designed to fit a large set of use cases.


Manage multiple media channels and plannings. Keep track of your inventory and define the right pricing policy.


Take into account the specificity of the retail sector when building campaigns, and embed events to build full cross-media campaigns.


Manage assets from multiple sales houses and combine different inventories to serve your clients.

For what purpose?

Main issues faced by sales houses.


An increasing flexibility

DOOH tends to offer focused, ultra-local, tailor-made and interactive media outlets, while audience measurement is more and more precise and reactive. Upon this basis, advertisers expect to reach precise objectives in terms of both audience and budget.

Swiss cheese

The "swiss cheese effect"

Some advertising space is sold early in advance at a high discount rate when it could often be sold at a better value later. Other parts of the inventory remain unsold or are traded as disadvantageous last minute deals.

First come - first served

Clients want their campaigns to be placed with respect to their specific needs. If you serve them one after the other, advertisers who arrive later are poorly served or not served at all, when some of them are strategic or profitable clients.


Deal with granularity

On the one hand marketed networks are simple to buy for advertisers, but often need to be fragmented to fit custom client needs, generating hard-to-sell remnants for the sales house. On the other hand selling unitary slots favors optimization, but involves dealing with increased amounts of data and complexity.

How to protect attractive assets?

Confronted with these issues, how to place your clients' campaigns in order to make sure that the remaining space is still attractive, dealing with different granularity levels and ensuring the respect of all players objectives?

How to satisfy your clients?

How to take into account the client's strategic value and the profitability of his demand when computing a placement for a campaign?

how to boost profits?

How to define the right price for every client and every campaign at every moment, while taking into account - dynamically and for each advertising slot -current and predicted demand?

Steps to the solution

Answering these questions implies predicting demand for each advertising space on a daily basis, defining the price of each advertising space in a dynamic way, placing clients' campaigns in order to simultaneously respect all players' objectives.

Our key concepts

A comprehensive expertise.


Yield management aims to deal with an increasing complexity, Optimize your revenue, whatever the size of your inventory and your media channels (OOH, DOOH, retail, Radio-TV). Forecast, price and place.

Set the right price

Get the best price recommendation based on dynamic demand forecast. Know the real value of your assets – from unitary slots to packaged networks. Apply differentiated and fenced pricing policies.

Place smoothly

Respect client objectives, protect your attractive assets and stimulate less attractive ones. Run simulations and compare different scenarios. Understand gaps between supply and demand at a glance and secure your clients.

React fast, aim global

Price & Place keep optimization in mind while you focus on customer satisfaction, let it dynamically reshuffle your campaigns to give you the best solution day after day.

Take advantage of multiple media channels

Mix heterogeneous inventories – OOH, DOOH, retail and Radio-TV – to create dynamic proposals and packaged offers across multiple media channels.

Focus on your clients

Learn more about your clients to serve them better. Gain comprehensive insight into their contribution and satisfaction, and increase their loyalty. Take client value into account when placing campaigns.

Sales team first

Give your sales team the means to drive your business to optimality. Rely on our pragmatic approach and cost sharing model for quick ROI and strong staff endorsement.

Optimize upstream

Regardless of your broadcasting technology, optimize upstream by selling your assets at the right price and to the right client, thus maintaining total control over your inventory.

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The yielder game

In practice, a media sales house faces several challenges:

  • A large inventory to sell, each slot perishable as it has to be sold before its broadcasting date.
  • Slot prices that can change daily due to multiple factors.
  • Many decisions to take every day, with the need to react fast.

You think you have what it takes? Our yielder game lets you step into the shoes of a sales rep for a few minutes.

You manage the planning of a small OOH sales house. Your inventory contains few interchangeable products, sold on a weekly basis.

Client proposals arrive one after the other. Each proposal consists of an overall price for a given set of weeks (e.g. €1,500 for weeks 1, 2 and 3). If an advertiser asks for several weeks, you have to serve them the same product over the entire period.

For each deal, you have few seconds to decide whether you accept or decline the offer. 

  • If you accept the offer, the product is booked for the requested week(s) and there is no turning back.
  • If you reject it or if time runs out, you lose the deal.

Your job is to generate as much revenue as possible. Good luck! 

Manage your assets

Keep track of the occupation rate of your stocks and devices.

Build aggregates by crossing weekly time patterns with device packs.

Manage your assets

Adapt your offer

Assemble prepackaged products by crossing time patterns with device packs, define the structure of your slots (loops, part of time) and your pricing policies.

Build campaigns mixing off-the-shelf marketed plans, marketed briefs, custom plans and custom briefs, and therefore take the better advantage of your inventory.

Adapt your offer

Optimize and book

Place each campaign live, run simulations and compare multiple scenarios to find the perfect balance between profitability and client satisfaction.

Give your client a fast and secure response. 

Use our integrated booking platform to manage all stages of a campaign's life cycle and different commitment levels, or plug your own system.

Let Price & Place re-optimize placements every night based on the flexibility of briefs, to increase both profitability and client satisfaction.

Optimize and book

Generate loyalty

Keep track of each of your clients, understand how they contribute to your business and how satisfied they are. Act on different levels to increase their satisfaction, take into account the strategic importance of each client and campaign to generate trust and value.

Generate loyalty

Forecast and plan

As simply as you would read a weather report, get an overview of the current and predicted state of your inventory with weekly key metrics. Get up-to-date and exact information about client satisfaction.

All of that tailored to your role in the team.

Forecast and plan

Architecture big picture

SOA stack and unified API enable synchronous and asynchronous interactions with your IT business solutions:

  • Use Price & Place integrated booking system or plug your own,
  • synchronize inventory and client data,
  • generate and export spot sequences (DOOH) to your broadcasting system.
Architecture big picture

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Mereo's clients

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